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The Ghosts Of California

by David Galas

How many of these days were lost this way? I'm sitting at the edge of a wall. And where was it said, we'd all play dead along the highway at night. See the stars that light the sky, reveals where we should go. All the roads that stretch inside your head, we pretend that we don't want to know. I know that you'll never grow old. There's nothing for me, I'll steal this night, this desert wind blows like a desperate lost cry. All alone in the west feels colder than death. This desert's as far as I see, ghosts of the American dream. How far must I go before someone believes me? I'll black out the sun until no one can see me. We'll walk through the fires of burning disciples. The end of the world lies my guilty desires, the men who stand guilty of deathly black pyres.
I will follow you into this empty time and I'll carry all the things I've left behind. We walk right beside you through the slow endless days. This conclusion is all that's left for me. We lay down here forever and we're watching midnight skies. As we listen to the bombs inside our mind. There's nothing forgiving to take the guilt away, so we bury all the pain everyday. The shadow of California reflects our broken ways, yet we wonder how we'll end this dying day.
I'm falling down again, I'll never understand. How the world will die again, I can't carry you my friend. A change is just as good, it puts us where we should. You're hanging next to me, high in the killing tree. How many times you said, the words burn inside my head. I'll never realize that we're just paralyzed. And though the time has end, I'll never see your face again. We've died a thousand times before, washed upon the shore. I’ve waited so long just to tell the whole world. My one final moment's to look at the earth. I've seen the last days, I can breath the cold air. As long as I live, you'll have all of your fears. The Sun is a fire and the Moon is our death. The ocean is waiting for God's final breath. I am your messiah, I am your dead God. This world's a lie, all the people are lost. You're nothing to me, and you're like a dead Sun. You're swimming in blackness a song left unsung. The road's just a scar left on my open wounds. The bones have been cracking they’ll die sometime soon. Your birth is your death and you'll crawl to your grave. I'll give you one promise on your final day. You'll never find love yeah you'll never be free. The prayers in the world will never save me.
We find ourselves in the end, overlooking an ocean. You think you're alive but you're dead, we're dying in slow motion. Forget the time that we lived in here, it's easy if you care. And all of this, has been wasted here. No one will leave from despair again. There is no hope you will find, all your suffering is over. Lay down and close your blind eyes, as the wind blows colder. Forget the time that we lived in here, it's easy if you care. And all of this has been wasted here. No one will leave from despair again. The highway takes us tonight, through the desert so far away. No living person in sight, we'll drive into another day.
Suffering 08:13
Blind my eyes so that I cannot see the nuclear bombs falling over me. And tie my hands so that I cannot reach the Sun and the burning sky over me yeah. And the trees are falling, down my empty hole. And the sea's are storming and the wind is cold. And the roads that scar all the colors of your arms hanged shamefully framed by the great white stars. You look to the west, to the city and the sea. Is the last prison of your broken dying dreams. And the world is falling down this lonely road, and no one can save you. Your time is sold. So frustrated, why am I here? Why can't I find my way home? So consumed with, tear my eyes out. Let me see with my mind. Bleed my lifeless broken body, as I sink inside you again. And the end is coming, there's nothing left for you. From the cities to the oceans, the burning skies inside you. All the angels fall together, then they cut their heads. All the animals between us, left the people dead. All my life of broken time, walk through desert's in the sky. We have never turned around, see the emptiness I've found. There's no hope that I can find, take my eyes so I am blind. Quietly we take our breath as we walk into our death. I would like to strangle all of you and see the sky burning through every city. And watch you suffer through every fucking minute and every cry that screams out of you. I'll drink the blood of every sickened human and laugh as you lay down to die. I am my mind.
My Struggle 05:37
I crawled from my hole in the ground, ascending to this war I started. Failing everything that I have done. My eyes are like two dying black worlds, starring into a void of burden. Waiting for this war to finally end. Your body is a bloody statue injecting all the colors into me. I scream at you and you don't seem to hear. I am nothing, I am nothing, I am nothing. The broken pieces at my feet, a drowning place where lovers meet. I'll hang myself and bleed all over you. The bleached white ruins of distant time, the theater of all our lies will cut the throats of everyone you knew. I see the time, I know the price, I am the Sun, I am your life. Just follow me into this burning fire. I am nothing, I am nothing, I am nothing.
From the deep ocean concealed through our time. A million more miles we'll walk through the pines. Drowning in waters, the years of our age. Languidly drifting through dark bitter days. The echo's of war and the decades of waste. Crumbling cities like cracks on your face. We count all the stars laying stones to the ground. Plutonium choir as the heavens fall down. Reach for the answers revealed in our lies. The city of Angels and burning red skies. The last hopes of men lies here crumbled in dust. And all that has happened and all that's to come. All that we are is just time left undone. Ashes of tyranny the spoils of your death. The waging of bombs, black clouds in the west. Sing to our victory the shame of defeat. We slaughter the cattle, leave guns at our feet. Walk through the cities, the cold silent air. Autumn moon rising, its slow piercing stare. The flags are unfurled and the gathering begins, bleak days of September like leaves in the wind. Marching down through the old broken streets. The gunfire sound comforts me while I sleep. There is no derision, no way that I see. The tanks held position, the snow covers me. Quietly taking your cover in the trees.
Last Call 05:18
I've found our time has come within it's ending, and realize the things we've left undone. You're starring at a spot above the sunrise, and close your eyes and weep before the dawn. The world you knew was just a lie forever, and everything I've done has fallen apart. You look to me as if I know the answer, I've lived my broken life inside the dark. Hold down your eyes again as your world tears apart. Hold down your arms again, as the world falls apart. I struggle everyday to find some meaning, why I waste my time before I die? Nothing in your life will live forever, no one cares about my worthless life at all. Hold down your eyes again, as your world tears apart. Hold down your arms again, as the world falls apart.
As the Sun gives up the day, just as it always does before. And I watch you turn away, as I lay dying upon the floor. All of the years have dried away, and all of my demons from the war. It doesn't matter what I say, no one listens anymore. We'll live these endless days forever and mark our memories on the wall. I've lost the strength to piece the words together, and bravely choke the days of fall. And the people turn away as we close another door. The sound of bombs, they still remain. It's the only thing that I can hear anymore. We'll live these broken days forever, and mark our memories on the wall. I've lost the strength to piece the words together and bravely choke the days of fall.
The window's opened up again, the Autumn air and blowing wind. Wash the pain away from me. A darker sky and clouds of rain, another year just like the same. Standing all alone in here. Drowning silently remaining, high above the sky. I'm falling slowly, Autumn's ending. We will never know why. All I wanted was some time, a broken child I've left behind. The dark blue oceans wait for me. The leaves are burning in the wind, doors are opened up again. I've walked so far away from here. 
I am the wound you opened And I'm bleeding all over the ground The door is for all the sinners I hold the anger down The sky wreaks of blood in the city Then swallows the heat from the Sun The people have died from their hunger And their bodies will never be found Yeah I crawled through the desert to kill you The wreckage of what is to come The smell of the bombs in the morning The clouds have blackened the Sun The end is finally coming The people have all turned away To start a new war it's what we live for To lay down in our graves The pigs of greed are still hanging Swinging from the edge of the trees And we've crucified all of the guilty We've undone dead men's deeds


released October 31, 2011

All music written, performed, recorded and produced by David Galas

Copyright 2011 davidgalasmusic bmi
All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



David Galas Marquette, Michigan

David Galas is an American singer, song writer, and multi-instrumentalist.
In addition to his own work, he is a contributing member of the legendary darkwave band; LYCIA.

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