The Cataclysm

by David Galas

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Niton Decay
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Niton Decay Still my favorite album by David. Melancholic, desperate, intense and just beautiful. Favorite track: Capsized.
DaniHell thumbnail
DaniHell ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE!. You can feel and even smell all that 90's heritage and knowledge that David Galas has accumulate through his career. You need this ! Favorite track: Capsized.
Adrian Bolaños
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Adrian Bolaños Hidden gem that really deserves more attention. One of the most unique albums I've listened to. Lovely, bleak and beautiful <3 Favorite track: The End Is Always Closer.
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Originally released on Vendlus Records in 2006. This is the original version and master. It is currently out of print.


released September 1, 2006

All Music Written, Performed, Recorded and Produced by David Galas between June 1999-September 2006


all rights reserved



David Galas Norway, Michigan

Current member of the band, LYCIA. David began in the late 80's recording post-punk and experimental music. David joined LYCIA in 1993 and left the band in 1996. In 1999 he began writing solo material. He released 3 solo albums until rejoining LYCIA in 2013 to help record "A Line That Connects". ... more

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Track Name: American Melancholy
I wake up in a field
Overlooking the trees
The city of man across it
And the Sun is swallowing me
What has become, of this beautiful world in this dream
Oceans of blood from a melting messiah
Crossing my arms and waiting to die
The mountains open their mouths
Draining the last breaths of time
Leaders of men die lying
Killing again...
Track Name: Alone We Will Always Be
Life is empty
Will you show me the wide black oceans here?
Drown in your hands, dying slowly
The end is almost near
Time is cracking, we are choking
Lay down here to die
Clouds are hanging, moving slowly
We will never know why
And we're lost together, lost forever
Nothing's left for me...
And we'll die together and live forever
Alone we will always be.
Track Name: The End Is Always Closer
The end is always closer to me
Everything will fade away
The clouds hang heavy over the trees
And the leaves are falling down
The cold scent of time brushes the wind
And I breath the fall and air
The red of the sky is piercing the ground
As the autumn sun welcomes the changing sound.
Tearing away
And the end is always near
Breaking away
And we're dying forever
The distant fires burning again
And the taste of ash is so clear
An auburn stillness smoke through the trees
Where the empty cries far away
And we're running away from the things that we fear
So the darkness secedes in our heads
She cries on her own, alone in the field
The hole where she jumps, a slow swan dive to death
And the change is forever
The cold lights cuts into my skin
And my mind withholds
To the burn, to the war, to the east
To the close end tearing away
Track Name: Capsized
This walk alone
A change in the hour
So silent in here
The fruit has gone sour
I will not see and I do not care
This isn't real, it's too much to bare
We are capsized forever
We lay down to feast
The food at the table
The blood of the meat
Our bread has gone stale
We look to the day
We'll drift towards the night
The desert is calling
I'll leave you tonight
We are capsized forever
Track Name: September
I walked through the desert alone in the night
I see all the God's in the distant cold lights
They're bathing in blood of the children they killed
The dead are left dying in the empty blue well
All the people are dying alone and there's nothing for you to hide
All the people are always alone and September will bring the dark tide.
Well she walks through the gardens with thorns in her head
A black angel waiting with tears falling red
The cities have fallen the leaders have died
And a dead silence covers the towers blue light
The fall of the leaves turns the color to dusk
The change of the air burns the water to rust
The ones that lay still in the hedges behind the cathedrals are waiting to cry in the night.
As the winter bears down on the darken old town
A cold wind has changed it's direction
She breaths one last breath and lets go of her life
As the end of the world, it will greet us tonight
Track Name: Fragment
A child from Hell touches my hand
And I see everything
My skin is falling, onto the ground
And I see everything
The ocean's are crying
The desert is cold
And I see everything
The blood of Angles are raining on me
And I've seen everything
A child from Heaven touches my hand
And I'll leave everything
Track Name: The Cataclysm Part 2
The clouds will break, the seas will rise
A hole in the Sun, I am the sky
The blistered ground the desert sand
The monsoons move over the land
A change will come it's not too late to scar the land, accept our fate
Poetic cries from dying pigs that take the skin off from my face
Take my hand and fill the cup of poisoned blood and Devil's luck
Then vines for thorns hangs to the ground
Blue spiraled trip the screaming sound
Track Name: Shimla
I'm walking blind, lost in this city
My hands hold my eyes, two bloody spheres with holes to infinity
I carve my body into four pieces and I arrange the sections to the angles of the universe
I draw four separate lines into the sand, radiating outwards from my spirit
I dance like a dead puppet around the circle of fire
I breath in the air, and exhale poison
I'm lost in this borken city of silent prophets and holy shaman.
Track Name: Reclamation
My hands contain phosphor drawing out paths of flame.
Burn the city, torch the world
My eyes glow translucent green cancer and I shepherd this sickness
So we walk with the great God of greed, whom towers are falling to the ground
Poisoned veins, drowning in Absinthe
Do you know who you are?
Do you know who you are?
My skin is liquid oceans of pale birds in a sea of obsidian.
The sky is a clouded fluorescent napalm abyss
I smell of the ranked season killer
A nuclear wasteland of plutonium dreams
My hydrogen god, breath your breath of life on me
The slow motion silent decay of liberty as she cracks in her porcelain delight
I stand on the face of a desert naked, the ancient raped civilizations of mankind
All of this ends in a millisecond, a flash of magnesium and the spiral blur of heroin
Track Name: The Great Ruins Of Man
I'm wasted hills of misery, and wasted time of everything
I've wasted my life, I regret this never ending constant dying
Ruins of dead men stand before me, and I walk slowly to the sea.

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